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CACAARI Governance

CACAARI governance lies with the Steering Committee (SC), which meets once a year to discuss the state of affairs in one of the countries of Central Asia and Caucasus (CAC).

Currently the Steering Committee consists of eight leaders of NARS from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The proposal has been made to expand the SC to include new stakeholders. The new SC should include:

  • 8 delegates from each CAC country
  • 1 representative from farming sector (farmer or farmer association representative)
  • 1 NGO representative
  • 1 private sector representative
  • 1 education representative
  • 1 woman association representative
  • 1 representative from CGIAR-CAC program

Total: 14 members

Steering Committee members

  1. Aleksidze G. N., Georgia, NARS 
  2. Asozoda N.M. Tajikistan, NARS
  3. Ashyrbaev M.X. Turkmenistan, NARS
  4. Nametov A. Kazakhstan, NARS
  5. Suleymanov B.A., Uzbekistan, NARS
  6. Nurgaziev R. Z., Kyrgyzstan, NARS
  7. Tseretely I.S., Armenia, NARS
  8. Balaev R. A., Azerbaijan, NARS
  9. Shideed K., ICARDA
  10. Hamidov, M., Uzbekistan, Ntework of Universities
  11. Sharipov A., Tajikistan, Network of Farmer Organizations
  12. Karasartov Sh., Network of Non Goverment Organizations
  13. Sarkisian, G., Armenia, Woman in ARD
  14. Dosov B. G., ICARDA-CAC, CAC-RAIS


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